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Learn the Art of Self-Defense

Enroll your children in classes by National Karate & Tae Kwon Do, Inc. We specialize in martial arts, karate, and self-defense classes for children and beginners, and guarantee your satisfaction within 30 days or it's free!

Kinder Karate

Kinder Karate is for ages three to five with the option of attending once, twice, or three times per week. Four different class times are offered for your convenience with a maximum of eight children enrolled in each session to keep the groups small and productive! Our curriculum is limited in its complexity, and new children may start at any time!


You'll receive training for $20.00 per class when you buy 10 lesson blocks or $15.00 per class in 30 lesson blocks. Classes are just $10.00 each when you purchase a block of 60.

Payments may be made monthly with no interest or finance charges. Try a class for just $10.00. If your child does not come back, no other fees are charged. If he or she loved it, we will apply the $10.00 to the membership fee and secure your class time for you! Uniforms (GI) are available but not required. All sizes are in stock at $39.99 each.

In our classes, we teach students to respect others, to learn their phone numbers and addresses, and to respond with a yes sir and no sir. They will learn about "stranger danger" and how to defuse confrontations and times bullies threaten their safety.

Kids Karate

Kids Karate is for ages six through 12. Class times are offered twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classes are 45 minutes long, and new kids are starting every week. Bring yours in today! We offer a short-term program of four weeks with no obligation. We also feature special pricing periodically.

These classes are fun and useful in character development. Our Martial Arts Creed is the key to molding strong characters in children.

Honesty in the Heart

This means don't lie, steal, or cheat. Help your friends, neighbors, and family. We will ask your child during every class, "What did you do this week to help your family?"

Strength in the Body

This means no drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Get to bed on time, and eat everything that your mother puts on your plate, even broccoli!

Knowledge in the Mind

Children In Karate Class

Karate Instruction

Children Practicing Martial Arts


Sepia Photo of Our Instructor

This is about learning. Each child is required to bring us a copy of his or her report card. Good grades result in an academic achievement award. If grades could stand some improvement, we will meet privately with the student to help improve them!

After-School Martial Arts

Our after-school Karate program is new and exciting! We will pick up your child directly from a Putnam City elementary school and bring him or her to our facility. We have a study area where your student can do homework. Karate and self-defense classes are also provided all for a special fee of $74.00 per week, plus a $50.00 enrollment fee. You may pay weekly, and discounts are offered for automatic monthly withdrawals and full semester payments.

All students are taught to respect the rights of others, be responsible for their actions, show courtesy to adults, answer, yes sir and no sir, and to help their families.

Please note. If we don't pick up at your school, we will! Find three additional parents interested in our program, and we will find a way to add your school to our pick up list!