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Kamikaze" Karate Tournament

Make checks payable to "National Karate"
Contact - Jim Butin 405-720-6000

Required Event for all NKI members!
Schedule: Events start at 9:30 am (Believe it!)

*This event is Pre-Registered ONLY! No registration on the day of the event.

OKA Members will receive $10.00 off of the registration fee for three events or more!

Pre-Registration Fees:
$40.00 for 1 or 2 events or
$55.00 for 3 or 4 events or
$70.00 for 5 or more events
Entry Fee includes a FREE Aerobic kickboxing video by Jim Butin

Call us at 720-6000 if you wish to process your credit card entry by phone, or post mark before the October deadline and pay by check or money order. 

Late Registration:
Not available day of the event! Call 720-6000. If late entry is accepted by phone, double the entry fee per the divisions required, NO EXCEPTIONS! Visa, Discover, or Master Card accepted.

THIS EVENT: Pro Black Belt Divisions for $1,000.00 prize money, based on 15 entries of $75.00 each. Light and Heavy weight divisions with 30 competitors.

Contact: Jim Butin
Phone: (405) 720-6000
Email: jimbutin@yahoo.com
Fax: 405-720-6005