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     Our after school Karate program is new and exciting!

     We will pick up your child directly from a Putnam City North Elementary school, bring him to our facility,  provide a study area where he can do his homework, offer five Karate/self defense classes per week, all for a special fee of $89. per week. Plus a $50. enrollment fee! You may pay weekly, but discounts are provided for automatic monthly deduction($79. per week)and to pay in full for semester qualifies for more discounts.

     All kids are taught to respect the rights of others, show courtesy to adults, answer "Yes Sir and No Sir", to help your family and be responsible for your actions!

     Our Martial arts creed: Honesty in the Heart, Knowledge in the mind, and Strength in the Body is the very core of our childrens program and is stressed to the kids we come in contact with every day!

Call us at 720-6000 to reserve a spot for your child! Check out our additional website for more information at

Martial Arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, jiu jitsu, muay thai, judo in Oklahoma City, classes taught personally by Jim Butin a tenth degree Grand Master at National Karate in Okc, Oklahoma. Three to Five year olds and beginning children ages 6 to 12 are our specailty at National Karate in Oklahoma City, classes are also available for ages 13 and up. Kickboxing and yoga classes for women and men and private lessons for the busy professional are available. Competition tournaments are held at National Karate and Martial Art supplies and equipment are for sale at 6903 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Beginners classes are our specailty.