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     Kinder Karate (ages 3 to 5) classes are offered on once, twice, or three times per week options.    

     Four different class times are offered for your convenience with a maximum of 8 children enrolled in each session to keep the class small and productive!

Tuesday/Thursday at 5:25 pm
Wednesday at 4:00 pm
Saturday at 10:15 am

A new class is currently being formed for Thursdays at 2:30 pm - Enroll now!

The membership is offered in 10 lesson blocks at $20.00 per class or $15.00 per class in 30 lesson blocks, or $10.00 per class in 60 lesson blocks.

     Payments may be made monthly with no interest or finance charges. Try a class for $10., if your child does not come back, no other fees are charged. If he, or she, loved it, we will apply the $10. to the membership fee and secure your class time for you! YOU CAN'T LOSE!

     The uniforms (gi) are available but not required. All sizes are in stock at $39.99 each.

     Children are taught to respect others, be quiet when Mom is on the phone, they will learn their phone numbers and addresses, they will answer "Yes Sir and No Sir". They will be informed about "Stranger danger" and learn to de-fuse bullies and confrontations.

     The curriculum is limited in compexity, which allows for new children to start at any time! The enrollment for each class time is limited to 8 per class, so register now to avoid being placed on a waiting list! 720-6000

Martial Arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, jiu jitsu, muay thai, judo in Oklahoma City, classes taught personally by Jim Butin a tenth degree Grand Master at National Karate in Okc, Oklahoma. Three to Five year olds and beginning children ages 6 to 12 are our specailty at National Karate in Oklahoma City, classes are also available for ages 13 and up. Kickboxing and yoga classes for women and men and private lessons for the busy professional are available. Competition tournaments are held at National Karate and Martial Art supplies and equipment are for sale at 6903 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Beginners classes are our specailty.